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Private Murder: 6 Thrilling Pulp Stories [Illustrated] Norman A. Daniels

Private Murder: 6 Thrilling Pulp Stories [Illustrated]

Norman A. Daniels

Published April 24th 2012
Kindle Edition
157 pages
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Popular Detective , June, 1941THE MURDERER WITHINby Norman A. DanielsAuthor of “The Man Who Was Death,” “He Who Killed,” etc.Back From the Lair of the Cadavers Comes a Wraith-Like Apparition to Make Dr. Acroyd Obey His Fiendish Commands!5600 WordsPopular Detective , June 1943DEADLINE FOR MURDERby Norman A. DanielsClear, Keen Deduction, and Not Romany Second Sight, Leads Orlando, Gypsy Detective, to the Lair of a Scheming Political Murder Band!5600 WordsPopular Detective, November, 1946MURDER BY PROXYby Norman A. DanielsWhen his father dies in a murder trap, Ray Harmon turns his camera into a fearsome Nemesis for an underworld Big Shot!6800 WordsThrilling Detective , August, 1951BLIND SPOTby Norman A. DanielsThere, in that loot-filled cave, Shannon gets the evidence he needs—but will he live long enough to make use of it?Ch1: No Part of CrimeCh2: The Twelve UnbelieversCh3: Second AttemptCh4: The Brilliant Light of Truth9500 WordsSpicy Detective , September, 1934THE SCALPEL OF HATEby Norman A. DanielsA weird place to find death—in a nurses dormitory! Yet there it struck—bloody and sinister—callous to the beauty of its victims.5900 WordsArmy-Navy Flying Stories, Summer, 1943PRIVATE WARby Norman A DanielsLieutenants Roberts and O’Malley prove that two Yanks to a Jap platoon make just about the right odds!6000 WordsThis edition includes the illustrations to the stories as well as the covers to the Pulp magazines from which they came.UPDATE 5-9-12: Formatting Issue Has Been Fixed