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Life on the Earth Wayne Wightman

Life on the Earth

Wayne Wightman

Published May 6th 2011
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 About the Book 

Life on the Earth is a short novel of strange love and calculated violence.In post-apocalyptic America, looking for signs of civilization, Jack is walking from middle America to California with his only friend, Artie, a stray cat.Halfway through Nevada, blinded by the light and nearly dead from hunger and thirst, Jack hears the tinkling of ice in a glass of water. In the middle of nowhere stands Natalie, the queen predator of the desert, with a smile, offering him water and a new way of life.From her private oasis, Jack watches the savagery close in around them. Natalie, alpha predator, shows Jack how his life on the earth is never going to be the same.Caution for incidents of non-standard violence.....This edition includes two stories from the series Matter Is Mostly Space, “Acrolithia” (from Mutants) and “Those To Be Destroyed Are First Shown Love.” (from The Arrival of the Overlords).