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This is Kashmir

Pearce Gervis

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 About the Book 

Pearce Gervis first studied Law- then at Oxford he undertook his ground training in aeronautics and later on, gained his wings, was commissioned in the Royal Air Force. Next he entered the London Hospital Medical College of the University of London as a student.But it was neither law nor medicine that he eventually practised. He spent the next few years in the poultry breeding industry and wrote a text-book which is still recognised as a leading reference book on the subject. Following this, in 1938, he returned to the Royal Air Force to reach Senior Staff rank, serving in Europe, West Africa and Asia, and finally retiring after the War to enter the British Government Overseas Service.As a result of his initial tour of duty in West Africa, he wrote the first of his travel books, Sierre Leone Story. When Naked They Pray was written he had spent more than eleven years in one stretch in the undivided India and later India and Pakistan, in one or other of the two services. During that long stay in the sub-continent, not only by virtue of his work, but also because of a deep desire to look see and find out for myself, delve into the why-fors and how-dos combined with a genuine love of the country and its people, he discovered much of which those born of the land are unaware.As a result of these countless tours by plane, train, car, on horseback and many miles on foot, he has published This is Kashmir and Naked They Pray, which have been acclaimed not only by the British Press but also by that of India. His new book, Of Emirs and Pagans, is the result of two tours of duty in West Africa covering about four years--one during the Second World War and the other in the period of self-government prior to the independence of the whole of Nigeria. During this time he travelled through all the Provinces, getting to know most of the Emirs and Leaders and meeting many of all sections of the people.