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Bible Study #85 The Writings Series-Song of Solomon John Ogwyn

Bible Study #85 The Writings Series-Song of Solomon

John Ogwyn

Published February 24th 2014
Kindle Edition
19 pages
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 About the Book 

This evening we are continuing this series onthe Writings, but we are getting into anotherpart of the Writings—the Festival Scrolls.Again, these are books that we don’t tend to gothrough very frequently. I don’t think the Songof Solomon tends to be one of the books that ismost frequently heard or quoted from in sermonsand Bible studies. Yet, it is a very important partof the Bible and there is a very important lessonthat is to be learned from it.We have covered the Psalms, Proverbs and Jobin the traditional Jewish order. The next fivebooks (the part of the Writings we are in now)are the books that are called the Megillot or theFestival Scrolls. This is because these five bookswere traditionally read at certain festivaloccasions.The Song of Solomon was the first of thesefive: Song of Solomon, Ruth, Lamentations,Ecclesiastes and Esther. We will be goingthrough each of those books in the next fiveBible studies (counting this evening).These books were traditionally read in thetemple, and later in the synagogues, duringthe various festival seasons. Song of Solomonwas traditionally read during the Days ofUnleavened Bread—normally on the Sabbathduring the Days of Unleavened Bread. Ruth wastraditionally read at Pentecost. Lamentationswas read at a festival that was held in thesummer in the fifth month of the sacred year—the month of Ab. It is a month that wouldnormally correspond with our July/August (lastof July/first of August). Read More!!