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My Cougar Is My Aunt Jay Vorr

My Cougar Is My Aunt

Jay Vorr

Published August 8th 2011
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 About the Book 

Article description – My Cougar Is My Aunt (Seducing At a Slow Pace).Gorgeous and sexy Kath, in her early forties, goes from the US to France to celebrate her recent divorce from cheating Jim with the settlement money she got from him.Even though she is independently well off, she wants him to pay for her escapade.Still angry and sensitive, she decides to go to bed with as many men as she can seduce in France, as long as they are under age 26, virile as hell and full of piss and vinegar, as she puts it. She wants to feel energized by them, while getting even, albeit only psychologically. She will become a cougar.Strictly by chance on her second day in Paris, she bumps into her nephew John who is also there celebrating his college graduation and his breakup with his girlfriend. As luck would have it, they are staying at the same hotel and in connecting rooms, to boot.Kath had not seen John since he was 12, when she got married and moved away, and suddenly there he is, now a strapping, handsome young man of 21 – and virtually a total stranger to her.Meeting someone from the hometown in a foreign land is a happy event even if back home they ignored each other, but that was not the case with them – Kath and Johns mother are sisters and best friends.Being on their own, they decide to team up to explore Paris and its many attractions.Her arresting silhouette is difficult to overlook irrespective of the fact she is his aunt. Besides, John has a flashback to the time when he had accidentally seen her naked in the shower just before she got married and left town. He realizes that Kath grew lovelier as she matured and wants to get to know her better.Meantime, Kath is beginning to see in John a prospective bed partner, with the advantage of intimate secrecy, being away from familiar places.Going to bed with John would be a lot better and safer than picking up strange men at a bar or anywhere else, for that matter -- she surmises.Both of them know that time is of the essence because they are traveling on tight scheduling and that theres no time for second guessing.When John asks Kath if she would like to be his date for an evening of dining, dancing and to see the fabulous show at the Moulin Rouge, Kath gladly accepts, but questions if he would not feel awkward with an older date.John takes the opportunity to confess that he had always admired her loveliness and assures her that he would, indeed, be proud to be seen in the company of such example of pulchritude.She needed to hear no more – she was impressed by this young mans debonair persuasion, plus all the other attributes that he obviously exhibits, particularly his youthful, athletic body, her own nephews notwithstanding.Knowing how to make a man go bananas for her, she chooses the ideal dress for that purpose.Oolala! Was Johns first reaction when he saw her in that low, low-cut dress that did not do much to hide her outstanding 36C twins.His second reaction was a powerful erection when he noticed that Kath had nothing else on, except possibly a dental floss bikini, when her silk dress wanted to get inside her intergluteal cleft (AKA butt crack) – a genuine turn on.Yes... the seduction is accomplished and they go through the whole sex menu that night, starting at the dance floor and climaxing in bed at the hotel.But this is not a bang, bang, thank you, ma’am story -- getting there is half the fun -- and they have plenty of fun while dancing, where the conquest actually starts (details inside).Johns performance – and physical attributes – are so satisfying that Kath wants to take him home with her for ever, agreeing with Mae Wests unforgettable phrase, a hard man is good to find (sic).While he loves his aunt – and now his lover -- he is hesitant, mainly because of his mom.In an effort to convince him, Kath sweetens the pot by throwing in Jlo, her bisexual girlfriend and lover -- not Jennifer López, but Jesse Louis. Kath had nicknamed her Jlo because of her sexy ass.Unlike the authentic Jlo, Jesse has 38D boobs, a fact that John considers a plus in Kaths favor, particularly when Kath said that all three of them could go skinny dipping together in her secluded pool.John voices his concern about the definite probability of an erection that he would not be able to conceal while nude in their presence. Kath has a doable solution (details inside).This is an offer that he cannot refuse, so John reluctantly accepts... yeah, right! (Article: 6,421 Words).Sixteen (16) pages of really juicy, erotic stuff – Vol. 6 of My Juiciest Taboo Series.